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Friends Homes at Guilford and Friends Homes West are both continuing care retirement communities. A continuing care facility provides the full continuum of care with independent living, assisted living and skilled care offered on each campus. Within the community, a resident may transition from one level of care to another as his/her needs change.

Friends Homes operates on a fee-for-service basis. This means that residents pay only for the level of care and services that are needed by the individual. Friends Homes also has the advantage of having a variety of accommodations for independent living, built over a period of time. The wide range of sizes, amenities, and financial plans for the units makes it easy for applicants to find the perfect home to meet their needs and budget.

Both communities share a spirit of warmth and mutual respect between staff and residents. Since 1968, Friends Homes has earned a reputation for providing quality services at affordable prices.

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Located in Beautiful Greensboro, North Carolina

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