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Many of our friends say, "we are not ready to move to a retirement home."  We politely and firmly disagree.  Moving to Friends Homes in our early seventies gave us the opportunity to have more leisure time for travel, golf, volunteering and other activities.  We are looked after very well by a dedicated staff which includes Administration, Office and Domestic personnel.  When one of us needed to stay in the nursing center after surgery, the nursing staff gave careful and caring attention. 

Do not delay the opportunity to attain more freedom in your life.  Move to Friends Homes early.

Patrick and Margaret Miller
Friends Homes at Guilford


Choosing a retirement community is an important decision. Today there are many options available so it is important to take your time and evaluate your alternatives. Here are some of the attributes that distinguish Friends Homes at Guilford and Friends Homes West from other retirement communities.

bullet Quaker Affiliation - Both Friends Homes at Guilford and Friends Homes West are not-for-profit communities founded by the North Carolina Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends (Quakers) and operate in accordance with Quaker principles so that each resident may realize his/her full potential.
bulletContinuing Care Communities - Both Friends Homes communities offer independent living, assisted living and health care on each campus. As one's health needs change, being able to transition to a different level of care on the same campus is an advantage.
bulletFee-for-Service - By charging residents only for the services used, costs are more affordable in keeping with Quaker principles. Also, by having a variety of different size accommodations and pricing structures, Friends Homes is affordable for more individuals.
bulletLocation - Friends Homes at Guilford and Friends Homes West are both located in Greensboro, North Carolina in the Piedmont area of the state. Residents enjoy changing seasons, mild winters and a city with many cultural offerings. Greensboro is home to five colleges and universities and both of the Friends Homes communities are located close to Guilford College.
bullet Proven Track Record - Since 1968, Friends Homes has earned a reputation for quality care. Today, many of the current residents have chosen Friends Homes because their parents were former residents. Today's residents know first-hand about the quality of care and the loyalty and dedication of the staff which have characterized Friends Homes through the years.
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Located in Beautiful Greensboro, North Carolina

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